Math Dice Jr

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A Dice Game that Makes Math Fun!

Numbers are incredible! As your child builds math skills by playing MathDice Jr., he/she will begin to discover patterns and relationships that strengthen number sense understanding and overall math ability!

MathDice Jr. is a great learning game for the classroom and for home schooling.

Math Dice Jr. is the perfect dice game to introduce or reinforce early math skills in children. Roll the 12-sided Target Die to get your target number, then roll the five 6-sided Scoring Dice. Add, subtract, or add and subtract – use whatever equation you need to hit your target number. For every Scoring Die used, move one space on the Scoring Track. First to the finish line wins! Math Dice Jr. makes math fun!

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Be the first player to reach the finish line on the scoring track! To do so, use simple addition and/or subtraction to reach the Target Number.


1) All players sit in a circle so they can see the dice as they are rolled.
2) Set out the scoring track within reach of all players.
3) Each player chooses a Game Token.
4) Place each player’s token at the starting line on the scoring track – for players with more advanced math skills, use the long game track. For beginners, use the shorter track.

Age: 6 and Up
Players: 2 or More Players
Instructions: View PDF


  • 12-Sided Die
  • Five 6-Sided Dice
  • Scoring Track
  • Instructions
  • Game-Go Bag


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